About Practitioners

Practitioners are trained to interact with the sacred anatomy.
They learn to clear, align and work with various types of pathology to free the human energy structure of blockage and damage. At the core each human being is a spark of the Divine. For every person the potential for healing is a birthright. Practitioners work in partnership with the client from this perspective, embodying compassion, and reverence for the healing journey.

SAEM Medicine Bag Carriers have completed the first step toward becoming a full SAEM Practitioner. They have learned to interact with energy, rebuild and restore the human electromagnetic system, support their clients through surgery, illness, work remotely, and so much more, while working consistently at the edge of their subtle structure. Click here to learn more about the Med Bag Training….

SAEM Practitioners train deeply in the details of the subtle structure and learn to read it. As an acupuncturist reads pulses, a Chiropractor checks your spine, or a medical doctor studies your lab results, the SAEM Practitioner will scan your Human Energy Structure to locate the places which may require alignment, clearing, or release from subtle pathologies. It’s incredible how accurately these subtle energy clues relate to real issues in a person’s life. The holistic nature of the work leads the practitioner and client to work together toward spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical balance, creating a sense of intimacy which is unique to this work. Having learned to work at the edge of the energy structure, Practitioners create a space for transformation without agenda, and witness you as the divine and perfect spark of Creation that you are. Click here to learn more about the Practitioner training…

As Desda began teaching her work she met regularly with small groups of healers. Her teaching methods were honed and organized in these classes. We distinguish these practitioners from the more recent graduates by calling them, Apprentice Practitioners. Over time the teaching has grown and the curve has accelerated. Except for a handful designated by Desda as “Senior Practitioners,” it is now hard to find much difference in the professional skill demonstrated by Practitioners of any level. With the publication of Your Sacred Anatomy in 2012, all SAEM Practitioners are familiar with the anatomy that Desda had mapped out at the time of publication.

Each practitioner has their own unique gifts, and each has studied and trained with Desda. Scheduling a SAEM session with any one of them will be a journey into your own deepest mystery.

The Sacred Anatomy refers to the seven systems of subtle and electromagnetic energy extending out 20 feet in all directions from your physical body. It is conscious and intelligent and holds the history of your soul’s journey. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a transformational subtle modality based on the radical premise that consciousness is anatomical. Access to this intelligence is the doorway to your personal evolutionary development, available to anyone who seeks a new and mature approach to awakening and healing. Explore our range of courses and programs…