Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure

Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure is the most comprehensive blueprint of the Human Energy Structure ever published. Written for both healing professionals and spiritual seekers, this book reveals the underlying systems, mechanics, and subtle anatomy of the soul. Combining detailed descriptions, specific exercises, and vibrant color illustrations, this book can awaken your consciousness. Both an invitation to awakening, and a roadmap to greater self-awareness, this treatise of enlightened expertise broadens the definition of what it means to be human. By entering this world of sacred anatomy, you will expand your sense of who and what you are.

With This Book You Will Learn:

  • 7 Anatomical Systems of the Human Energy Structure
  • How to Strengthen the Human Electromagnetic Field
  • The 13 Chakras and How They Really Work
  • What the Aura Actually Does (It’s Not What You Think)
  • Sever Entanglements with People, Places and Things
  • 9 Frequencies that Hold the Structure Together
  • The 4 Aspects of the Authentic Self

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Book Reviews from Amazon

A Real Connection To Your Energy Structure by Bonnie Cehovet

“Your Sacred Anatomy” is a must read book for anyone who wants to better understand their energetic structure, with full color images and specific exercises to learn to feel and connect with your energy bodies. This 408 page book is actually divided into two books: Book I – Your Owner’s Guide, and Book II – Your Technical Manual. Included in this work are:

  • 7 Anatomical Systems of the Human Energy Structure
  • How To Strengthen the Human Electromagnetic Field
  • The 13 Chakras and How They Really Work
  • What the Aura Actually Does (It’s Not What You Think)
  • Sever Entanglements with People, Places, and Things
  • 9 Frequencies that Hold the Structure Together
  • The 4 Aspects of the Authentic Self

The first Book covers energy systems, including color imagery, along with exercises on how to locate and define your own systems, and connect to them (as a prelude to working with them). The second Book covers the various layers of energy, going into depth on how they function.

Throughout the book there are exercises that help the reader experience their own energy, along with full color images, and short recounting of personal experiences that clients have had when treated using it. At the end of the book is a glossary with a definition of terms – Zuckerman’s personal definition of terms that may mean other things to other people. This is an important work that will allow the reader to delve deeper into their own understanding and healing healing. It is a book that the reader will refer to often, not one that is read and then set aside, or placed on a coffee table. A one of a kind work!

The Grey’s Anatomy for Energy Workers by Michael Margolis

I think this is one of the most important books of the 21st century. Quite simply, paradigm-busting and deeply empowering. Never before could you see the anatomy of the human energy structure described in such precise and intricate detail. Includes elaborate descriptions of the various energy systems of the human body/soul including 60+ color illustrations. This book is like an encyclopedia of the soul, yet also full of experiential exercises and example stories. Some of my favorite sections:

  • The 13 chakras and their under appreciated functions
  • How to sever entanglements – this one daily exercise changed my life and ability to be present in the world
  • The 3 soul types (alpha, beta, and gamma) and how your type influences how you experience everything
  • The seven layers of the soul structure and the sensory information stored in each (mind-blowing stuff)

I’ve been a student of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine for more than a decade, and it represents some of most profound teachings that has shaped my path. Desda has tested and refined this body of work over 40 years through interaction with thousands of client sessions and teaching dozens of practitioners in these methodologies. This stuff is the real deal, yet so real and profound it might at first defy expectations (its power is beyond belief). This is one of those rare books that is infused with energy. It will activate and deepen your own intuitive intelligence just by reading its pages and exploring its exercises. If you are a seeker or healing practitioner of any kind, this book is a reference book for the ages.

Your Sacred Anatomy Is A Spiritual Tour De Force by Cat Cohen

After many years of practice and intense research and writing, Ms. Zuckerman has finally released this incredibly detailed and insightful text on the levels of spiritual energies within all of us and how to direct them for healing and personal evolution. She has used her amazing energy work to help me through some rough patches. I can’t say enough how much power and knowledge she has mastered in this field. She has taught me to expand my consciousness and release the blocks to my self-realization and fulfillment.

Instant Classic by C Cannon

This book is an essential tool for those embarking on the adventure of self discovery! The text provides a window into the human psychology reminiscent of Jungian archetypical explanation. The beautiful illustrations provide assistance to visualization during meditation that remind you of who you are and have always been. This book stitches together the unseen aspects of many classical philosophies and heals the lines between, while introducing a valuable perspective on individuality. Desda’s book will change the way you look at yourself and what you see in others.

A New Standard Is Set With This In-Depth Work by Linda Milks

I’ve been using Your Sacred Anatomy as one of my go-to guides for doing research. The pictures are tremendously helpful and detailed opening up new levels of inquiry for me as I study them. And the author’s narrative is well written in plain language making it easy to read and understand, plus there is a glossary, index and bibliography – all very helpful. It is awe inspiring to see illustrated and to learn of the vast, intricate nature of our bodies – just think what this implies for our connection with All others, including trees and animals, who have their own sacred anatomy! Many Thanks for this great work, it is a very good investment.

Sacred Anatomy…Worth The Wait! by Regina Schulman

The long-awaited Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure represents Desda Zuckerman’s 40+ years of documenting the human energy system. This essential “soul manual” provides precise, accurate, intricately detailed and labeled pictures, tools, exercises, and comprehensive information which invite readers to remember that we are more than who we think we are; we are more than just a physical body.

As a Holistic Bodyworker specializing in chronic pain management, I witness individuals becoming personal instruments of change as they begin to understand that their physical body is one part of the 4 Aspects of the Authentic Self. This understanding places chronic pain and illness of the physical body into a more balanced perspective. I use this book daily in my practice. I am delighted to recommend this long-awaited gift to each and every person with whom I work!

A Remarkable Book In Every Respect by Lorin K.

This is a truly remarkable book in every respect! Desda details with powerful precision and clarity what has otherwise been so elusive to our understanding of what we, in essence, truly are. Your Sacred Anatomy skillfully lets us in to the mysterious complexity of our deepest nature, with wisdom, gentleness, love and grace. I think this paradigm shifting book speaks to the everyday genius in us all, with a compassionate and encouraging voice that wakes us up to our biggest selves. This book and its subject matter, allows us not only to comprehend but to participate in our “sacred” selves with every breath. I cannot imagine a more worthwhile book to read and own. I only wish I had grown up with the knowledge contained in its pages- but now we all can. Thank you Desda for this priceless and life changing gift!

A Beautiful Book by Jackie

I have been working with Desda for eleven years. It is very exciting for me to have this beautiful book in my hands so I can see what Desda sees when we are doing healing work together. Desda’s work with me has helped me to move beyond who I thought I was and to explore who I could become. Thank you Desda for sharing your gift with us.

My Sacred Anatomy by Carl Lieberman

I am a skeptic who follows the teachings of the Buddha “Believe nothing I tell you, see for yourself”. There is much to be learned from this breathtakingly beautiful book. I am not a practitioner in the healing arts and am just getting acquainted with my non corporeal spiritual self. This book invites anyone to start the journey. Desda has a light touch. It is neither dogmatic nor didactic. She knows that much of her work is new to people. She has no problem poking fun at herself. Anyone not already immersed in this field will be enlightened by this book. The illustrations are gorgeous. It is worth your time and your money to become entranced by this book.

Experiencing changes in my day-to-day life by Bren Taylor

This book and Ms. Zuckerman’s work is allowing me to experience dramatic changes in my day-to-day life. On the most basic level, just being able to stay physically and energetically expanded, centered and compassionate during the midst of a contentious staff meeting was a revelation. Rather than struggling to decompress and running for a glass of wine at the end of a long day, using these techniques throughout my day I feel energized, safe and more present in my body. I am celebrating the ability to experience myself on an entirely new level and can’t wait to see how good it will get…. and I’m only half-way through the book!

The Most Comprehensive And Detailed Sacred Anatomy Book Yet Published by David Kitts

Other books with similar titles that come up when you look for subtle anatomy are good! This version of the anatomy of the Human Energy Structure is what Leonardo Da Vinci’s studies of physical anatomy were to all previous publications. Simply in a category of its own in the attention to detail and the revolutionary implications of the author’s revelations. Any serious healer should have one even if you don’t use the methodical, systematic approach of healing that Desda uses (CoreIndividation now called Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine).

Just holding the book, having it in your office and looking at the pictures has an impact that facilitates healing. The book has its own energy field! If on the other hand you are like me: (the more detail the better!) then this book is a treasure trove – tool kit for healing possibilities and methods. No matter who you are, if you use some of the processes and meditations, you can have a profound healing.This book will have a profound impact on the Energy Healing Community and health care overall. Count on it!!

Highly Recommend! by Diane G.

Desda Zuckerman’s beautiful and amazing book walks us through complex material in a systematic and comprehensible way. Her illustrations beautifully support the concepts presented. This is the groundbreaking guide of our Human Energy Structure. As someone interested in expanding my consciousness and furthering my personal evolution, this book provides exactly what I need. I know that I will be referring to Desda Zuckerman’s book frequently for years to come. This truly is a must read, mind expanding book.

Future Memories… by Martina Allegria

This Book is absolutely awe-inspiring and is a MUST-HAVE for any serious healthcare professional, healer, acupuncturist, chiropractor, reiki practitioner, theta-healer, chi-kung practitioner in short this book must be read by anybody who works and cares for humans, plants and animals. Treat yourself to a class by Desda Zuckerman and you understand why I believe her work to be truly paradigm shifting. Take a look at her website and be amazed: […] see you at the edge…

Practical & Comprehensive Energy Encyclodia (Must Have) by Rhona Post

As one of Desda’s “apprentices” and a certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine practitioner, I am so excited to own this book. Desda has distilled 40 years of study and put it into a readable manual that we can use both to connect more deeply with own energetic anatomy and to guide others to wholeness. Desda’s Sacred Anatomy Guidebook connects the dots of a whole genre to explain the Human Energy structure. There is no way to compare this body of work to other bodies of work, as this is the first book available.

I feel like I’ve invested in an encyclopedia of energetic biology/anatomy that supports the healer coaching practice I do ([…]). I can also recommend this book to my clients so they can partner with me on their empowerment journey. With great diagrams, easy to understand explanations of the seven systems as well as the many guided exercises, makes this a must have resource for healers and any one who believes there is more to us than our physical body. Desda has started a discourse about the Human Energy Structure that will only grow more popular.

Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide To The Human Energy Structure by Joan H

I found the author’s descriptions and explanations of our human energy structure fascinating and clearly presented. It covers so much ground, but due to its organization, I am finding it very readable. I think Ms. Zuckerman has done an amazing job of presenting a complex subject, our human energy structure, in terms that are so understandable. This book, along with its beautiful illustrations, is truly a gem.

A paradigm shift for the 21st century by Nicole Savoie

Desda Zuckerman is providing us with the groundwork to understand and appreciate the full range of our human energy. The exercises in Part 1 really give you an opportunity to be more present and become aware of your potential for managing your personal energy. Thank you so much Desda for writing and getting the imaging to make us better understand the workings of our complete range of possibilities.

Kudos for Desda’s Book

“This revelatory work maps mystery. Skillfully giving shape through word and image, Desda unpeels the known to bare the invisible bones at our core, enabling us to powerfully peer into the elusive territory of our subtle anatomy. Simply by sitting with this book, we are transported into the realm of inner science with deepened awareness as the fruit of our journey. What an accomplishment!”

~ Harriet Beinfield, LAc and Efrem Korngold, OMD, LAc
Co-Authors Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine

“Your Sacred Anatomy is a treasure trove of wisdom for people in the healing arts as well as for anyone who has an interest in developing a deep understanding of human consciousness. Desda Zuckerman is the real deal. This brilliant book is the result of a lifetime of study, work and pure devotion to bringing true healing to the world. And when you have a teacher with such a deep generosity of spirit and huge heart, you can’t help but be changed forever.”

– Jean Haner, Hay House Author
The Wisdom Of Your Face, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, and Your Hidden Symmetry with Louise Hay

“Your Sacred Anatomy is a journey into the core essence of who you truly are. If anyone can take you gently by the hand and show you what you really look like beyond the physical body, how truly exceptional you are, and why it matters, it is Desda in this groundbreaking book.”

~ Stephanie Bennett Vogt,
Space Clearing Expert and Author, “Your Spacious Self”

“This inspired book is a key to an extraordinary garden we each carry within and around ourselves. Desda shows us how to cultivate and tend to our life force – our garden, so that we can live to our fullest potential of creativity and brilliance.”

~ Wendy Palmer, Founder of Leadership Embodiment and the Embodiment Foundation and Author,
The Intuitive Body and The Practice of Freedom