Professional Track

Join us at the frontiers of medicine and train to be a SAEM Practitioner.

For those who would like to add Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM) to an existing practice, or engage in a new discipline, we have a Professional Track. Read below for a summary, and click on the links for more details.

The Sacred Anatomy Edge Training

This is the first and most fundamental step in your journey. Here you will activate and begin to use the subtle structure in your daily life. The Edge is a mindfulness practice based in the Sacred Anatomy. By making the Edge Practice a part of your life, you will experience compassion without burnout, and establish meaningful energetic boundaries that are anatomical, not psychological. With the Edge, you will begin the all-important process of developing a personal relationship with your own subtle anatomy.

Energetic Hygiene

The Edge Training is a prerequisite for the next step on the track, Energetic Hygiene. In this course you will learn to dowse, using the techniques for sensing and quantifying subtle energies that Desda has developed. You will learn energetic self-care techniques that are based in the Sacred Anatomy – to clear the layers of your structure, remove inappropriate energetic relationships, and much more. This course is valuable for the personal energetic self-care as well as building the foundation for advanced courses to follow.

Medicine Bag Training

This is the first certificated course. In Hygiene you learn to work on yourself. As a Certified Medicine Bag Carrier, you are authorized to engage with clients in SAEM sessions, using all that you have learned during your training. This is a major step forward in your education. The class in its current format meets once or twice a week for three months. You learn to work remotely with clients and engage with their Sacred Anatomy ethically, and with specificity.

Practitioner Training Levels I & II

A path of initiation for established healing professionals which is based on the most exacting and in-depth mapping of the Sacred Anatomy available. Learn to work with the seven systems of the subtle energy structure doing dozens of specific clearings, alignments and procedures as an SAEM Practitioner. In addition to these four pillars of the professional track, we often add a few interstitial training series (like Pre Pract Prep) to keep you focused while taking a short break and integrating what you’ve learned.

Continuing Education

Here are some of the advanced courses we offer for Practitioners:

EPA – Entities Possessions & Astrals

Energies are not always embodied, and we need to understand them and learn to deal with them for ourselves and our clients. SAEM demystifies this aspect of our reality, and provides practical and effective methods for health and recovery.


Practitioners may enroll in the Masterclass series to stay current and learn new skills, anatomy and procedures. SAEM is an evolving work, and in Masterclass we engage with Desda in the act of discovery to learn and share our experiences.

Practitioner Training III & IV

Advanced training for the Practitioner to stay current and engage with their colleagues in SAEM

Prerequisites, etc.

The Medicine Bag and Practitioner Training I & II have a few more prerequisites. There is an application form and an application fee. The applicant must have completed a set number of SAEM sessions with a certified practitioner. The applicant will also have the pleasure of a short interview with the Founder, Desda, before being accepted into the class.

There are other courses available that are not part of the official Professional Track that are valuable to all levels of students. For example, the recent class Sacred Anatomy of the Planet Earth enabled existing practitioners to engage in an earthwork session with clients. Non practitioners learned techniques they could use to clear their own land, their own backyards. The Intention Setting at the beginning of the new year is popular with all levels as well.

In Conclusion

From the very beginning, you will learn to work from the edge of the Human Energetic System. It is not enough to learn “what” to do, – you need to know “how to be” when you do what you do. Practitioners working at their Edge can have measurable and consistent results, and it is a defining and distinguishing characteristic of our work.

SAEM is a spiritual path. Sensing the Divine within and deepening your relationship with the conscious energetic anatomy is to engage with the infinite within, and without. This work changes lives, and it will change yours as well.