Sacred Anatomy Academy

Welcome to the Sacred Anatomy Academy – A mystery school based on the premise that you can know the unknowable, see the unseeable, touch the untouchable. Have you ever had that moment when you thought you had seen beyond the veil of this “reality” to glimpse something eternal & powerful, that was there all the time?

At the SAA we demystify that approach and learn to walk between the worlds. You are a light being in a physical body. The Divine is present at your very core, even as we are all too human.

Encompass all that you are, seen and unseen.

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“The Sacred Anatomy Edge – Five Steps to Powerful Energy Boundaries”

Our premier and foundational training is now available anytime, anywhere at the Sacred Anatomy Academy school on

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Return to Balance

Learn to call on the energies of universal consciousness and bring your life into greater balance. Seven daily meditations (video & audio) with Desda

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Classes for personal spiritual evolution

Here is a sampling of courses we presented in the last few years.

Professional Track

Are you looking for a career in energy medicine and healing? Would you like to add SAEM to your existing healing practice? Click the button below to learn about the path to becoming an SAEM practitioner…