The Sacred Anatomy Edge

Five Steps to Powerful Energetic Boundaries

A Six Module Online Transformational Course with
SAEM Founder, Desda Zuckerman

Learn to use the massive energy structure
that extends far beyond your physical body
You are more than you think –
Live as a co-creator with Divine Source
We have reformatted this material for
Anytime Online Learning

Establish a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy!

In each class you will learn to:
  • Find your own life stance- by tuning into and placing awareness at the Edge
  • Avoid compassion fatigue and stay clear from one conversation to the next
  • Maintain compassionate distance while functioning
  • You already know what to do: now learn how to do it
  • Stop burning out- learn how you merge with another and why it is unnecessary
  • Interact with universal energies to augment your existing skill set
  • Increase your stamina by using the Human Energy Structure
  • Learn you are more than you thought you were
  • Awaken awareness of a larger dimension of who you are

Module One ~ A Stance for Living: Introducing the Edge

The commitment to incorporate The Essential Practice: Your Sacred Anatomy Edge into your life is a courageous stand. It is a health affirming new way to approach expanded self-awareness by embracing as a reality, the idea that you are more than your physical body and that you have an energy structure!

Class Focus:

You will be introduced to the Sacred Anatomy you need to know to use your subtle energy structure effectively. You will experience the Initiation into the Sacred Self a critical step in owning and working with the subtle anatomy.

Sacred Anatomy:

The Core, Channel, HEMF, Soul Layer, Edge, and HES


Sensing the Core, Sensing the Channel, Light Fingers into the Soul Layer, Awakening the HEMF

Meditation: “An Initiation into the Sacred Self”


What doesn’t work for me energetically right now in my life? What do I think the Edge Practice will help me with?

REAL LOVE from Participants

“I feel more love and safety than any time in my life.”

“My life experience has shifted positively and it is just possible that yours can, too. Feeling so blessed by the easy practices taught in a playful, heartfelt way by Desda in her online classes. Knowing how to quickly return to a state of balance and calm at any moment is a marvelous gift. We are so much more than we know and I feel more love and safety than any time in my life.”

Suzanne Meile ~ Minnesota

“Sacred Anatomy is what I’ve been looking for my whole life…

“Desda’s teachings are unique and she makes it fun. Her teachings are allowing me to go deeper into Energy medicine than I have ever been with other teachers. Sacred Anatomy is what I’ve been looking for my whole life…”

Siri Ajeet ~ Sacramento, CA

Module Two ~ Embody Your Essence, Spirit, Presence

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is an embodied work. You must be in your body to access and understand your spirit. Step One is a foundational exercise called: Embody Presence and it gives you a profound way to be in your body with your spirit. I will teach you how to invite your essence into your physical body and how to take ownership of that embodied life. This is both an initiation and an exercise you can repeat and go deeper every single time.

Class Focus:

You will be introduced to the Sacred Anatomy concept of the Offering Bowl and how you can bring your gifts into the world by consciously inhabiting your body with both mind and spirit.

Sacred Anatomy:

The Chakras that help Embody Presence


Calling Your Spirit, Embody Presence

Meditation: “On the Gifts of Conscious, Sacred, Physical Embodiment”


What is the gift I carry in my offering bowl?

MORE LOVE from Participants

“Your teaching was a game changer for me.”

“My anxiety has been reduced and I stopped picking or biting at my cuticles and now have longer nails. I am also calmer and my skin is not so dry. Your teaching was a game changer for me.”

Marcia Berry ~ Davis, CA

“What a blessing!”

“Once when asked how Desda’s work was helping me, I suddenly realized that I no longer was bogged down with profound angst. Curiously, I wasn’t aware I had it until it was gone from my energetic structure. That had just been my ‘normal’ for so long. What a blessing!”

Nancy Randall

Module Three ~ Ground & Anchor into your Sacred Anatomy

Grounding and anchoring into the physical body is something almost all disciplines discuss and teach. The difference here is that you are introduced to the Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine concept of anchoring not into the Earth, but into the subtle anatomy itself. This is a fundamental shift from how grounding is traditionally taught. It is the new approach for the 21st Century and supports greater health and well being. Step Two is called Drop Anchor and teaches you to plant your grounding cord, your tail into the subtle anatomy.

Class Focus:

Learning Drop Anchor will teach you how to not only be present in the physical body but how to be grounded into the subtle structure. This allows you to own and use both body and soul in your daily life.

Sacred Anatomy:

The Chi Pool Chakra, Core and Spine


Drop Anchor, sensing the Tail, Tail Dancing

Meditation: “Accessing Your Ground”

Being aware of the Earth you stand on and the truth you can share about who you foundationally are as a human being.


What is my ground of being?

Module Four ~ Activate your HEMF

The Human Electromagnetic Field or the Aura as it has commonly been known, is a product of the bio electrical system of the physical body. It comes into being at conception and dissipates when your body dies. It is the seat of the ego and the personality in the subtle structure and is the easiest part of the Sacred Anatomy to sense. Step Three will teach you to not only be aware of this part of your anatomy but how to use it ethically to contain and reserve your personal chi as you Activate Your HEMF.

Class Focus:

Learning the distinct anatomical parts of this part of the Sacred Anatomy allows you to use the HEMF properly. Step Three of the Edge Practice will help you to stop the habit of unconscious merging with other people. Merging is an action of an uninitiated HEMF to serve the needs of the tribal group. As the HEMF attempts to control others it is only following its anatomical function. As it seeks to manage your world electromagnetically and control outcome. This can only work for so long before it simply exhausts you. Ending the unconscious care-taking reaction of HEMF Churning will change how you use your HEMF as you stop using your own personal chi to clean and clear electromagnetic debris and toxicity out of your environment.

Sacred Anatomy:

The HEMF and the Containing Membrane


Sensing the HEMF, the Containing Membrane and Activate Your HEMF

Meditation: “Traveling through the HEMF”

Reflective Layers and the Containing Membrane to learn the lessons your own persona has to teach you about your place in the world.


How do I take responsibility for other people in my life? Do I try to influence their decisions or actions with my own chi?

Module Five ~ Edge 360: The Premier Personal Practice

Discovering and sensing your Edge can be a life-changing event. It is the Seat of Compassion in the Sacred Anatomy. Your subtle energy structure finds and meets the Universe from this exalted place. This is where you can know for certain that you end and others begin. It is the very skin of your subtle human energy structure, the energetic boundary of your whole self. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is built upon the concept that this container is conscious and aware of who you are and what you need as a soul being.

Class Focus:

Accomplishing the Edge Practice means you must first learn to feel the Edge of your structure and then learn how to go to it. You will learn three different ways to attain the Edge, through the subtle anatomy, through movement, and through meditation.

Sacred Anatomy:

The Edge, the receptors and the villi antenna, the soul layer


Sensing the Receptors and the Villi Antenna, Sensing the soul layer, Travel to the Edge on Core and Channel, Edge 360 and the Chi Circuit

Meditation: “Meditation through the Sacred Anatomy to the Edge”


How can I use this Sacred Anatomy Practice in my world? When will it help me the most?

Module Six ~ Monkey Mind Intention: Using the Practice in your Life

No matter how hard we try to consciously “shift” there is always that little annoying voice within that says: “This is soooooo dumb! What in the heck are you doing THIS for?” We have a Sacred Anatomy solution for this noisy little Monkey Mind. Step Five teaches you how to pull the little guy out of your head and actually give it a job! Because the human mind likes to do one thing at a time we are going to give that busy mind a really good job! How to set your Monkey Mind Intention is one of the most useful things you will ever learn! In this sixth class we are also going to practice going to the Edge and applying everything we have been learning. The Edge Practice is just that- a practice.

Class Focus:

Learning Step Six: Monkey Mind Intention and applying the Edge Practice in the three different ways we have learned.

Sacred Anatomy:

The Edge, the core, channel, core individuation, the receptors and the villi antenna, the soul layer, the HEMF


Monkey Mind Intention, Practicing the Edge

Meditation: “Looking Back at Yourself”

Guided visualization of the Edge from outside the Human Energy Structure. A journey into what you actually look like.


What is my commitment to myself around using the Edge Practice?

EVEN MORE LOVE from Participants

“Opened the door!”

“It gave me words to describe things I’ve experienced before, and gave me a working knowledge of my structure. From here I feel that all things are possible.”

Kaela Danielle Dennis ~ New Mother!

“I’m more joyful, less constricted
and less confused, easier inside and out”

“All from this one class! I love this work. I practice it daily. It feeds me and continually brings new wisdom.”
Terry Rhoades, PhD ~ Psychologist

“…more energy, more joy, more clarity, more fun!”

“Desda, your class is easy, fun to do, and creates extraordinary results. In the same way that physical well-being enhances the quality of a person’s life, learning how to become aware of and work with the body’s energy system takes one’s quality of life to the next level–more energy, more joy, more clarity, more fun! I recommend your classes for everyone!”
Deborah Bayer, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for sharing your wisdom, love and joy with the world!”

“I took your class on the Shift Network and I wanted to personally express my gratitude to you for your teachings and for sharing this beautiful health meditation. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, love and joy with the world! Blessings to you and your family”
Michele Wolf ~ Bellingham WA

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