Stages of Healing

This is a basic description of a typical spiritual healing session with a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner.

I. Client Assessment

1) Permission is a hallmark of SAEM. We always request permission of the client to begin to consciously interface with their Structure. Nothing will proceed until this permission is granted. Some Practitioners even ask for permission before seeing the client so they can tune in and begin assessment ahead of the scheduled session.

2) At the beginning of the session, an intake form is taken to enable the Practitioner to tune into the energetic signature of the client.

3) Helpful information is gleaned through the use of highly developed sensing skills with the adjunct of a dowsing rod as a check and correct device.

4) The Human Structure can hold issues, blocks, disturbances, imbalances, wounds and many other descriptive patterns that are either ready for release at the time of the healing or can be worked with to move to a readier position for eventual release. A review is done of the entire Structure some of which includes:

  • Seven anatomical Systems
  • Shape and well being of the over all Structure
  • Alignments, Clearings and Procedures
  • Checking for any entity or astral disturbance in the Structure

5) As the Practitioner-client relationship grows the assessment becomes more in-depth and the Practitioner begins to strive for greater liberation of the client’s authentic nature. This begins with the first session but will become a greater focus after early trauma, debris and misalignment are corrected.

6) Tracking the healing arc, creating Beginning, Medium and Long-term Treatment Plans at the right moment help Practitioners see where the client is in their individual journey and support them both to work more deeply.

II. The Shift

1) The Practitioner working together with the client will make changes to the client’s Structure in 3 different ways:

  • Clearing debris stored in different parts of the whole
  • Re-aligning anatomy that is out of adjustment in some way.
  • Addressing specific issues of pathology with Procedures.

2) When the most pressing issues have been determined the Practitioner begins to work with the client to bring to present awareness the lesson, the benefit and the cost of these issues in the order of best release.

3) Often people are experiencing a particular syndrome or grouping of imbalances or disharmonic frequencies that have together created for them a life reaction or situation that they have been trying desperately to shift. This unique view of resolving these problems can be truly amazing to the self-observant.

4) SAEM works by bringing to consciousness the piece needed to resolve, placing it in an exact location in the Structure, having a sensate experience of this issue, defining and experiencing the emotional content and finally releasing.

III. Returning to Balance

1) Integration and Blending

Too often the cost of an energetic healing experience can be that the life of the client is violently turned upside down, physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually. In an effort to re-stabilize, the client re-creates the old familiar holding and is back at square one again. In Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine we approach this problem head on and one of the most valuable parts of each healings is this time of Integration and Blending to enable the client to more smoothly experience their new take on their life as soon as possible. This is done after each part of the healing as well as at the end of the whole.

2) Witnessing and Stabilization

The most important moment in a transformational procedure is when the client lets in or accepts and allows the shift. This is an essential event and the practitioner takes the time after each alignment, clearing technique or healing procedure to allow the Structure a chance to accept the change produced. This is done is a process called: Witnessing. Naturally Stabilizing the Structure after a major change has occurred is important. Once again the complete protocol for SAEM builds in space for this to occur.

Booking a Session

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