Where did this come from?

It’s never easy coming up with something completely new and different. You can’t plan it, you can’t make it happen, it either evolves or it doesn’t. I did not ever intend to map an entire anatomical system of human consciousness. As the artist says, I just paint what I see.
My family was comfortable with an alternative take on reality going back generations. My Irish great-grandmother taught me to read tea leaves at an early age. My mother encouraged me to do psychic readings. My grandmother read palms & tarot. She studied with Paramahansa Yogananda and created untold rituals to engage with the nature spirits of her southern California ranch. I could go on, but you get the idea…

As a child, I saw pastel-colored swirls of light around people. Much like the colors of C.W. Leadbetter and Alice Binky, they were transparent and enveloped people in their soft clouds. At the age of 14, I was in for a change. On our way home from Church on Good Friday, I leaned against the side door of our 1959 Volkswagen bus, and as it opened, I flew through the air and landed on my head. I still remember the lone crow at the top of the telephone pole looking down at me before I hit the ground.

When I came to, the soft swirls had become dayglo! They were so vivid that I could barely make out the faces of my own family. I was alone with this new reality. I spoke to our priest, and his response was to say: “let us pray…” You might compare this to a full immersion language program, where you don’t understand what people are saying and no one understands you! It took everything I had over the next few years to be able to feel confident in social interactions. I was thrown into the deep end, on my own, and forced to figure it all out.

I must acknowledge those who, in later years, did show how it was possible to be a “sensitive” and still live a rewarding life. Bob Mahaney taught me to dowse and work with past life karma. Reverend Harold Plume performed psychic surgery while expounding on the subject of bass fishing. Dr. Gayle Pierce will always hold a special place in my heart for her teachings and her belief in me. To have a teacher to show the way is a blessing – Thank you all.

I developed a method I called ‘dissection’ – whereby I looked at a person with my eyes open, then with my eyes shut, and again with my eyes open. When I identified a feature (an energy feature) with my eyes open, I looked for it again and called it forth with my eyes closed, and again with eyes open. Over many years, I observed identical structures and shapes in all men and women and came to see these as an energy body. Just as we all have eyes, feet, hands, and consistent internal organs, we all share identical parts of our energetic anatomy. We all have a Core – a tri-colored spine of divine creative energy flowing downward from 20 feet above our bodies to 20 feet below. We each have what I call the Channel – a similar energetic stream that flows from before us, bisects the Core, and flows out the back. We each have a subtle skin called the Edge – a swirling mass of energy in a huge ellipse, 20 feet above, below, and on all sides.

There is more of course – there are seven systems that correspond and interact with our physical systems. For example, the Chakras move energy like the heart does with blood. The Template perceives energy like our nervous system. The layers tell the story of our soul’s journey, just as Jung describes the human collective unconscious.

It took 20 years and 10 drafts to complete my book Your Sacred Anatomy, an Owner’s Guide to the Human Energetic Structure. It is a culmination of my lifetime of observing the conscious flows of energy I see around all life. I had to create new terms to describe what I see. I had to redefine old terms to say what I meant. And, through the contribution of the magnificent artist Kim Glass Chu, I was able to show the world what the human anatomy looks like to me. When you see these images, try to imagine, that you are looking at yourself through my eyes – this is what you are as much as what you see in the mirror.

The big secret is that energy is intelligence, it is the anatomical manifestation of our consciousness. We have only one body that includes both material and subtle. As Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Matter is nothing more than congealed light”. Divine consciousness is what we are. It’s our job to remind our ego and our physical body of that simple fact. With this in mind, I have named our human energetic manifestation the Sacred Anatomy.

As a doctor assesses your health by a blood test, an acupuncturist by your pulses, a chiropractor by your back, I have learned to see how the health of your Sacred Anatomy is related to your spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM) is our way of moving into transformational space to expand and heal our inner and outer lives through the Sacred Anatomy. It is a complementary form of support for people and works beautifully with all other modalities.

I don’t ask anyone to believe what I say, only to keep an open mind and see for yourself. I have found that even looking at the pictures of your Sacred Anatomy can be a profound experience – to just entertain the notion that you are so much more than you ever thought you might be. You possess ways of perceiving the world around you that you never even knew existed. By learning to interact with aspects of your Sacred Anatomy you enhance your capacity for creativity, compassion, abundance, and love, the list is endless.

The discovery and mapping of this great energetic anatomy has been the journey of my lifetime. With great respect to all energetic pioneers who have come before, this is how I see it. I have taught many students to sense this subtle reality, to use it for the benefit of their own spiritual evolution, and the benefit of their clients and all humankind. You are so much more than you ever imagined, and Your Sacred Anatomy is your textbook for transformation.

Dear friends – do not identify with your limitations.
Infinite consciousness and Divine light are what you are at your very Core.

Blessings always,