Phone: 805-699-5683
Location: Seeing clients in the Santa Barbara area and over Zoom
Credentials: Level II Practitioner, CHt

In Carly’s Own Words:

Hello, I”m glad you chose to read my profile!

I am a Level II Practitioner and I adore this work; I love the depth and precision of SAEM and am continually amazed at the lasting results my clients report. I also appreciate that SAEM sessions can be fun, and you can approach a session already feeling good and then feel even better!

I excel at creating a container of ease and comfort that allows your structure to release its deepest wounds. I like taking time with each procedure and allowing for conscious integration. Energies come in very strongly for me and I enjoy having you be an active part of the session by sensing and learning about your own structure as we explore it together.

In 2007 I began seeing clients as a Hypnotherapist; I specialize in Life Between Lives sessions and also have a thriving art and performance practice. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine has now become my primary modality because it is the most effective and dynamic approach I have found. I look forward to sharing it with you!

It’s hard to find words for how powerful my experience doing Sacred Anatomy work with Carly has been. The skills I’ve gained during our time working together have changed my life and the way I work with energy. I’ve experienced huge positive shifts in my overall health. Highly recommend for energy workers.

~ Jen DuMars