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Location: Santa Rosa, CA
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In Dexter’s own words:

I have been a spiritual explorer for almost 50 years. I began my journey studying with Jack Schwarz in 1972. Jack was a well-respected practitioner of nontraditional methods of health and healing and the author of a variety of books including “The human Energy Systems”. I was fortunate to travel with him in 1972 throughout Mexico, visiting a variety of pyramids and ancient ruins. The following year we went to Greece and Egypt where we climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid.

Adding to my medicine bag of healing modalities I learned AmaDeus, the 6000 year old healing practice of the Guarani tribe of South America. I am a practitioner and instructor in this heart based modality. In 2001 I lived in Guatemala, studying Mayan healing traditions. I spent 7 years studying with Tata Pedro Cruz, learning the traditional Tzutujil fire ceremony. I also lived with Vincenta Gonzales Navicoch and her family in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan where I was trained to be a healer in her tradition.

Here in the US I now practice and teach the Mayan soul retrieval ceremonies I learned from Vicenta.

Presently I am a practitioner in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine as taught by Desda Zuckerman. The principles, methods, procedures and techniques of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine have greatly enhanced my existing skills. I am grateful to be a part of the Sacred Anatomy Community and am dedicated in my practice to the growth and expansion of my client’s well-being

Client Testimonials

“…Dexter Leland’s work with my Sacred Anatomy has brought invaluable benefits…”

“In the last few months, Dexter Leland’s work with my Sacred Anatomy has brought invaluable benefits to myself, my husband, other family members, and several of my own holistic wellness clients. I highly recommend his work to anybody who is seriously involved in energetic, emotional, mental or physical healing.

Dexter offers skill, intuition and compassion at its best. Clearly, his experiences with the techniques are rapidly growing, giving his clients increasing depth of healing and awareness of their energy structures. Dexter’s natural capacity to get in tune with others allows him to guide the process exactly where it needs to go. And like all true healers, he gently but surely involves everyone in his or her own path to health.

~ Silvana Spano Holistic Wellness Consultant and Psychotherapist