Phone: 415-497-0852
Location: Fairfax, CA
Credentials: Level II SAEM Practitioner, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Practitioner, M.A., R.C.S.T.
Comments: Working in Marin County, CA and remote by phone/Zoom/Skype

In Diane’s own words:

With an MA in Counseling Psychology, and over 30 years of training and experience in bodywork, energy work, trauma resolution, somatic therapies and spiritual counseling, I hold a comprehensive container for healing of the physical body and evolution of the soul. As I’ve worked with my own challenges and those of my clients, I have been privileged to witness seeming obstacles – in terms of health, relationship and life issues — become doorways to a deeper and more authentically expansive experience of life, love and joy.

One of the guiding principles in my work and life as a healing arts practitioner is that every one of us is a unique expression of Source, of All that Is and pure potentiality. The underlying truth of who we are is ever present, ineffable, and unaffected by limitations and conditioning, although our experience and expression of that truth may become obscured to varying degrees. This is a core principle of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy which I have practiced since the 1990’s.

When I met Desda Zuckerman in 2013, I was delighted to discover that this is a guiding principle in her revolutionary SAEM work as well. And that she had mapped precisely how our pure Source connection flows through and functions in our being, and how to support the release and resolution of impediments standing in the way of our unique expression and contribution in this life with surgical precision — all guided by the profound level of intelligence present in our very being. I also love that this work is lively, collaborative, and often outright fun!

Client Testimonials

“Her skills and her keen awareness got me through PTSD, radiation for breast cancer, and numerous other challenges.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Diane Peterson’s healing work since 1999. Her skills and her keen awareness got me through PTSD, radiation for breast cancer, and numerous other challenges. I know of no one who has been more committed to or more relentless in diving deeply into the core of many forms of healing for herself and for her clients — from etheric genres to the most profoundly embodied — and who has miraculously integrated it all into her practice. ”

“I’ve watched and benefited as her skills have grown exponentially as has her own transformation and personal growth. The addition of SAEM to her practice has added a whole other dimension which has enabled powerful shifts in my experience of myself and my life.”

“Words feel inadequate when it comes to describing the evolution from something that was already superlative at the beginning to something now which I consider to be so rare, multilayered, comprehensive and excitingly effective. I think it just has to be experienced.”

~ Helen Crozier, MS, therapist and healing arts practitioner

“I leave (Diane’s sessions) with a profound sense of ease, stillness, clarity and well-being.”

“Diane is an incredibly intuitive healer who never stops learning and adding new tricks to her cosmic toolkit. SAEM has been an amazing addition. Her ability to communicate with other realms is fascinating, and the benefits are transformational. Diane’s sessions reboot all aspects of oneself – mind, body and spirit . Whether I’m dealing with an illness, a traumatic brain injury, or the emotional stresses of life’s challenges – fear, loss, grief, etc.- I leave with a profound sense of ease, stillness, clarity and well-being.”

~ Elizabeth, Marin County

“If you truly want to heal something in your life, I would highly recommend having Diane by your side on the journey!”

“I met Diane about 10 years ago and I was simply amazed by the quality of her work! Besides being one of the most incredible beings on this planet, she is definitely a master of her craft. She is very intuitive and highly skilled at listening to the body. She is able to anchor a frequency of purity which naturally assists your body’s inherent healing ability so you can eliminate patterns and blocks in you, on multiple levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

“Over the years she has helped me with a wide range of health issues: processing grief, PTS, insomnia, hemorrhoids, stress, birth trauma, joint and tendon issues and so much more.”

“After every session I have less stress, restored calmness and relaxation and a renewed body awareness.”

“My mother and daughter are also clients and we all love her dearly! If you truly want to heal something in your life, I would highly recommend having Diane by your side on the journey!”

~ Giovanna, San Francisco

“Simply put, Diane is amazing!”

“Working with Diane via SAEM has been a transformative, cathartic and exhilarating process. She has a way of approaching even the heaviest of issues with clarity and lightness, allowing me to see and understand aspects of myself that I don’t know I would have ever gotten to without her. In just a matter of months, all aspects of my well-being – physically, cognitively, emotionally, spiritually – have improved.”

“She has also helped my teenage son shift out of his anxiety to become more outgoing, more grounded, and more focused. Since he started working with Diane, he has been able to expand his circle friends at school, has been more loving at home, and has a greater appreciation of life. Diane helped him after his broken arm to heal both energetically from the trauma and somatically with hands-on work that immediately improved his shoulder range of motion and strength.”

“I recently recommended Diane to a close friend and after one SAEM session he experienced tremendous healing and reported back to me that he felt incredibly grounded in her presence and was really blown away by her skill. Simply put, Diane is amazing!”

~ MD, Mill Valley

“She brought my world back to me”

“I have been working with Diane for health challenges resulting from two surgeries for diverticulitis — fatigue, balance issues, uneasiness. For months, I wasn’t up to seeing friends and in general was not my normal cheerful self. I immediately felt comfortable when I spoke with Diane. She has such a calming influence. After just one Zoom session, I felt better and hopeful that I could continue to get better. I looked forward to each session, knowing I would feel always better after.”

“After a few months I am going out to dinner with my friends and playing golf again! My mood is so much better — happy and optimistic. I still have some physical issues but they are slight and I continue to work with Diane. I can’t explain how SAEM works, but I can attest that it does. And, I can’t speak highly enough about the respect I have for Diane and her work. She brought my world back to me.”

~ Amy Farella, Retired, Napa