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Location: Sebastopol, CA
Credentials: Level IV Practitioner, OT
Comments: Seeing clients in Sebastopol. Working remote by phone and Skype

In Michaela’s own words:

I have been practicing Energy Medicine for more than 23 years on my quest to learn how to facilitate the deepest level of healing that we are capable of. Throughout most of my life I have been clairaudient, clairvoyant and a medium. In my early 20’s I started out working as a rehabilitation therapist specializing in head trauma. I wondered how people could heal from these injuries on all levels-not just their bodies and brains- but their whole being. There was no place for my psychic skills in the western medicine model. Those questions were the initiation into my life long journey as a healer, one who has been guided how to delve into the energetics of our being and to bring more joy and light into the lives every one I touch.

Over the decades I became certified in many modalities including Quantum Energetics, Sound Healing, Theta Medical Intuitive Healing, Peruvian Shamanism and Contemporary Shamanism. When I became a Certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner in 2014, I began to understand how powerful this work is, as I witnessed my own changes. Finally, I could step out confidently and fully embodied as teacher and practitioner. I could own my own depth and clarity, free from the wounds I had carried.

SAEM is a comprehensive, powerful and transformative healing modality. I have seen more success and faster results with SAEM than any other modality that I have studied in 25 years! I have developed a profound understanding and appreciation of how exquisitely refined the Sacred Anatomy is in each of us.

The work of SAEM elegantly and gracefully clears life patterns, karmic wounds and old issues that hinder us from becoming our most brilliant selves. It also repairs the damage from trauma that is stored in our Sacred Anatomy and realigns our structure so that we can show up more fully. It allows us to step into our natural state of divinity while embodying our highest potential.

Client Testimonials

“I feel like I know who I really am for the first time in my 84 years.”

“Michaela is brilliant, honest, sincere and genuinely cares about me. I feel safe with Michaela and her intuition is amazingly accurate. She can look into deep into my soul and I feel seen and understood.

During the past 15 years she has helped me open doors that have enabled me to heal and feel more confident. With Michaela’s gentle guidance and encouragement, I now believe in myself, can stand tall and be with people in a softer, kinder, gentler way. As a result of this journey, I feel like I know who I really am for the first time in my 84 years.”

~ Anita Fellenz

“I have more resilience and am able to meet the challenges in my life with confidence.”

“Michaela is very present, clear and welcoming with me. I have profound trust in her and the way she works is fascinating! We are in total partnership, and it is sacred, fun, and deep. She makes it easy to go deeper each time and the work is integrating powerfully into my life.

As a result of working with Michaela, I have more resilience and am able to meet the challenges in my life with confidence. My connection to my Spirit has more energy and I am happier. I now have a vibrational presence that allows me to be Peace in the world and I am bringing more joy to my music, sharing healing energy with all those I touch. I am grateful for her amazing support.”

~ Bernadette Courmier, Musician

“Since my work with Michaela, I have experienced breakthrough moments in my every day life!”

“Michaela has helped me resolve situations that used to run the show. Now, I am stepping fully into my personal power and am able to recognize and take action in alignment with my truest destination. My life has changed with Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine. Michaela has given me freedom in all aspects of my life!”

~ Vicchi Oleski Founder of Sonoma County Healing Academy

“Her loving wisdom created a safe place for me to explore and release life long patterns…”

“I have had the great fortune to work with Michaela during times of devastating emotional pain and loss.

Her loving wisdom created a safe place for me to explore and release life long patterns that continually attracted unhealthy situations in my life. Michaela’s keen intuition allows the use of many amazing healing modalities including Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine.

I now have many practical tools to employ though my daily spiritual journey of living and healing. I look forward to continuing my work with Michaela as a gifted healer.”

~ Natalie Craig, Designer

“I feel completely at ease with Michaela and have deep trust in her ability to assist me delve into my personal inner space to clear up personal challenges.”

“She has worked with me to clear old emotional debris and unwanted energies. Each time I went to her filled with fatigue and depression, she patiently and expertly worked with me so that I was able to reclaim my own space and recover my good hearted and smiling nature. I’ve recommended her numerous times and will continue to do so.”

~ CiCi Wilcoxon