Phone: 978-985-4696
Location: Seeing clients in North Andover, MA
Credentials: SAEM Senior Practitioner, M.Ed., LADC II, BCTMB, LMT
Comments: Working remotely by Zoom and phone.

In Regina’s own words:

I hold the mantle of light and facilitate healing because it is my calling.
I stand for self-empowerment and authentic living.

In the late 1990s, I began my holistic bodywork practice. Working with clients often left me feeling depleted and sometimes ill. Developing and maintaining clear personal boundaries was a gap in my formal training. I began studying with Desda Zuckerman, founder of SAEM, in 1999. She taught me how to strengthen and maintain the integrity of my sovereign self. Not merging with clients and loved ones is the most valuable skill I have learned thus far. It has enabled me to develop and sustain a successful and gratifying career as a caregiver.

In 2004 I was blessed to become Desda’s apprentice. During this journey, I have witnessed miraculous transformation of others and myself. It is an honor to be a member of this accomplished healing community!

The guiding principles of Sacred Anatomy provide a deeper awareness, appreciation, acceptance, and ownership of one’s true nature. This knowledge and understanding has become the underpinning of how I live and work. It supports the shift to consciousness of the whole human energetic structure as it participates in the living and healing process. Sacred Anatomy skills provide a clean and clear way to be in relationships with loved ones, colleagues, clients and self.

For the past two decades, I have specialized in the treatment and management of chronic pain, cancer care, and relapse prevention. My passion is helping people make healthy and meaningful changes in their lives. I have additional certifications in mind-body medicine, holistic massage and bodywork, drug and alcohol counseling, and mindfulness-based relapse prevention. These contribute to my ability to assist individuals in releasing limiting beliefs and behaviors while acquiring self-care and authentic living skills.

Client Testimonials

“Her capabilities are superb”

“I have found the SAEM treatments with Regina to be a positive complement to the conventional cancer treatment I receive as well as an effective method of countering the negative side effects of that treatment. Her capabilities are superb.”
~ Donna P., Tewksbury, MA

“I will forever be grateful to Regina…”

“Although cancer is never something one welcomes into her life, I will forever be grateful to Regina for her tremendous help in negotiating the pain, surgery and treatments.”
~ Marlys E., Newburyport, MA

“I was impressed with her attunement to us and grateful for the work she did with me personally.”

“Regina’s course was well structured for introducing the concepts. In addition, she is a skilled facilitator and good at reading the energy and comprehension of the group. She is full of loving energy and fully present with each person and with the group overall. I was impressed with her attunement to us and grateful for the work she did with me personally.”
~ Jill, Greenfield, NH

“She has a natural gift to read the human body.”

“Regina first worked on me while I was pregnant. She has a natural gift to read the human body. Her talents helped me throughout my pregnancy. She also assisted me in surgery preparation. She worked on the muscles involved and I feel that my quick recovery was greatly in part to Regina’s work. She has a kind spirit that allows you to release like I have not experienced with other body workers.”
~ Heather G., Hilliard, OH

“Great balance between listening, engaging and doing.”

“Rarely have I witnessed or participated in a workshop where the trainers/facilitators were so ego-less. Each person was honored, encouraged and respected for sharing their experiences, stories, questions, insights, challenges, and personal journey. A very safe place was created to facilitate our learning, exchange and participation. Great balance between listening, engaging and doing.”
~ Christine M., Milwaukee, WI