Returning Presence
Embodying Spirit

  1. Stand up and locate your Presence where it usually lives outside of your physical body wherever you feel it or imagine it to be. For many it is the space in front of the head up a foot (where the tip of your unicorn horn would be located). Direct your intention to locate your Presence with your hands and touch it. Saying: “Hello beloved Presence. I am so happy to meet you. I would like to invite you to come into my physical body.”
  2. Gather it into a ball moving it to the top of your head. Become aware of what you are feeling. What does it feel like in your hands? At the top of your head? Say: “Beloved Presence, I invite you to please come into my head.”
  3. With a deep breath. Move your Presence into your head. Keeping your hands on your Presence, notice how your head feels. Is it different? Does it change you in any way?
  4. Place your hands on your head and say: “I think this is a good idea.”
  5. Take a deep breath and say: “Beloved Presence I invite you to please come into my throat.” Bring the Presence down into your throat as you exhale. Take another breath. With your hands still sensing the Presence, notice how you feel and what is different about this location.
  6. Place your hands on the front of your throat and back of your neck and say: “My name is___.” Notice the sound of your voice. Say it a few more times watching and listening as your voice relaxes and drops into a more resonate tone.
  7. Take a deep breath and say: “Beloved Presence I invite you to please come into my heart.” Gently move your Presence into your heart center filling your entire chest. Allow yourself to feel the warmth in your heart, the expansion or contraction that occurs in relationship to your Presence. Notice what it feels like to be present in your heart center. How is the heart different from the throat center?
  8. Put your hands on your heart and say: “I love my Presence.”
  9. Take another deep breath and say: ”Beloved Presence I invite you to please come into my solar plexus.” Move your Presence down into the solar plexus and feel into the strength of this place. Also be aware of how the Presence being there changes the way this part of your body feels.
  10. Put your hands on your solar plexus and say: “This feels like a terrific idea! Being Present makes me HAPPY!”
  11. Say: “I invite you Beloved Presence to come into my gut.” Take a big deep breath and move your Presence straight down into your gut. Your lower abdomen is the best place to anchor your presence. For women, the womb, and for men, the center of the gut.
  12. Feel the Presence returning home to this warm and welcoming place inside you. Feel yourself settle into a comfortable and expanded resting state.
  13. Now anchor yourself, placing your hand on your gut, and say out loud:
    I am present in this moment.
    I am anchored in my body.
    I am embodying my Presence.
  14. Allow your Presence to enter the pelvic bowl, to expand down into the hips and the bones of the pelvis. This is your offering bowl, the place in your body where Father Sky and Mother Earth come together in you. Breathe deeply as your presence finds a comfortable resting place between your hips, filling your offering bowl with your own spirit, your essence.
  15. Place your hands on your gut and say again: I am present.

Let the experience of holding your Presence in your physical body sink in. From now on evoke the memory of this exercise by putting your hand on your gut and saying one of the empowering phrases in step 13.