Phone: 415 572 9100 (Cell), 415 482 9859 (Work)
Location: Woodacre, CA
Credentials: Level IV Practitioner, MA, RMT
Comments: Seeing clients in Woodacre, CA (Marin County), working remotely by phone

In Samantha’s own words:

I am a Level IV certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine inspires me because it is so very precise and effective, and always leads to transformation! In addition to SAEM, I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and I am certified in Hakomi mindfulness-based, body-centered psychotherapy, polarity therapy, sound voice and music healing, and animal communication. I am also a Reiki Master and have taught Reiki internationally. I trained as a doula with DONA, and I studied midwifery with a well-known local midwife. I have had a private practice as a healer since 2001.

I have 4 areas of specialty

1. ENERGETIC MIDWIFERY: Helping expecting mothers and their partners to prepare for birth and parenthood by transforming fear into power, and clearing their personal, relational, intergenerational and karmic conditioning, trauma and debris so their children can be born into a pristine and present-time energetic reality, and be free to focus their life on their own soul’s purpose. Energetic midwifery includes a series of SAEM sessions combined with coaching materials around important topics such as clearing fear around birth, listening for your child’s souls name, creating a birth plan, and making informed and empowered choices around vaccinations, circumcision, and infant-caregiver communication. Energetic support is also available during the birth itself, which can make a world of difference by clearing obstacles, attuning any medications and procedures, and providing ongoing replenishing energies as physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support for the birthing mama and baby. I have supported many women through finding clarity about whether motherhood is for them, becoming pregnant with ease, clearing fears of birth and parenthood, communicating with their baby’s spirit during pregnancy, clearing their own childhood trauma and conditioning so it’s not passed along, and receiving energetic support during birth. I experienced energetic support using SAEM during the birth of my son, and it made a world of difference. So, I am offering this same amazing service to other pregnant mothers. I also work with adoptive parents. Post-natal energy medicine sessions for mother, partner and child are also available, as birth is just the beginning of your whole new reality!

2. GREATER MIND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Helping CEO’s, venture capitalists and people in positions of organizational leadership to become the best leaders they can be, and to create an enlightened culture and structure that best benefits the core values of the organization, while helping to make the world a better place. This work includes individual SAEM sessions, combined with training about how to connect with the greater mind, and the spiritual guidance of your organization, so that the direction of your organization is literally guided by divine intelligence, and can, therefore, reach much greater levels of success while functioning as harmoniously as possible. I have worked with people in positions of leadership at Kaiser, Chanel, Harvard, The Well-Being Trust, and McKinsey.

3. MEDICAL MAGIC: Providing energetic support during surgery, medical procedures, and medical treatments, so that they are effective and pain-free. I have helped many people by doing long distance healing on them during surgery, medical procedures, and medical treatments. Every person I have worked on in this capacity has experienced a rapid and pain-free recovery. If you are going to be experiencing a surgery, an invasive medical procedure or a powerful treatment such as chemo, radiation, or stem cell transplant, please give yourself peace of mind, and an energetically prepared and supported structure so that you too can have an effective treatment and a rapid, comfortable and easy recovery.

3. ANIMAL ALLY: Helping animals to release shock and trauma, to communicate with their caregivers, to heal and recover quickly with pre/during/post medical and surgical support, and to have a conscious beautiful death experience when they are ready.

I would love to support you, and your loved ones, in an incredible journey of healing and awakening!

Client Testimonials

“The SAEM work she did, and its effects, were much more profound than I could have ever imagined.”

“When I first came to see Samantha, I was in some considerable discomfort and limited functioning after the death of my mother and the end of a relationship. I had sought her out for sessions just so I could sleep at night. The SAEM work she did, and its effects, were much more profound than I could have ever imagined. Samantha is one of the very rare healers anywhere who offers a combination of solid intellectual and theoretical grounding along with a divine gift of energetic healing and intuitive insight. Her work is at once nurturing and soothing, as well as powerfully dynamic and affecting, bringing about real change. She is able to bring keen intuitive awareness to her work, gently but precisely using her wealth of tools and gifts to very quickly zero in on stuck places and free the energy. The result for me is an experience of joy and freedom. We have also recently used SAEM work to help my dog stabilize from neurotoxic drug exposure and seizures. His seizures have stopped, and he seems much lighter.”

~ Nancy Levine

“Her knowledge of the body’s sacred energy force is impressive, as is her passion for helping others.”

“Samantha is a beautiful and positive spirit who has an incredible gift to offer others: the ability to intuitively and thoughtfully help you heal, understand, and tap into your own energy field. I have worked with Samantha as a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine client, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and energized. I specifically asked for her assistance in helping to identify my purpose which was educational and transformative. We used SAEM techniques to clear my energy structure, remove signatures, and empower me to know and live into my sense of purpose. She has the unique talent to allow your energy to flow uninhibited and does so in a very comfortable, calming manner. Her knowledge of the body’s sacred energy force is impressive, as is her passion for helping others. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to heal, understand their life’s purpose, and to feel beautiful and amazing from the inside out!”

~ Amy Hyde

“Samantha is a truly gifted and unique healer. She is humble, effective, and highly accurate.”

“I respect her expertise and professionalism greatly, as it provides a safe and grounded container for TRUE TRANSFORMATION and personal growth. I recommend her highly and I refer clients to her regularly. Samantha offers her own blend of healing including Psychotherapy, Reiki and Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, that encompasses the physical, the emotional, and all octaves of the spiritual dimensions. Her approach is truly INTEGRAL, addressing all the levels of human experience. Samantha is one of the most gifted healers I have ever met. She has a highly refined capacity in the realm of subtle energy, and a very special connection to the spiritual dimension that allows profound and holistic shifts of consciousness to happen spontaneously. I have received her work many times, and most recently her SAEM work, and it has always had a profound result in enhancing clarity, power and providing deep healing on every level of my being.”

~ Christopher Campbell