Phone: 541-232 -3635
Location: Eugene, OR
Credentials: Level II Practitioner
Comments: In Eugene, OR, seeing clients in person and by phone

In Sita’s own words:

I have been doing healing work for over 20 years. I work with people privately and in groups with a focus on spiritual expansion and self-love. My passion is to support women and men to be in touch with their subtle feelings and actual truth.

I am certified in Yoga, Qigong, women’s Taoist sacred practices, Reiki, Massage, Peer counseling, and Skin Care. Since 2016 I have been authorized by Desda as a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner with advanced studies in the removal of entities, possessions and other forms of energetic interference.

As a spiritual guide, I value creative partnership and wish to serve sensitive people coming out into the modern world with their gifts and talents. Together we will transform your deepest challenges into lasting positive change.

Client Testimonials

“I find this method and (Sita) so effective that it is a kind of miracle how fast things clear.”

“After having my first few sessions with Sita, I felt much more connected to myself, more comfortable in my body and more optimistic about my life. Over a relatively short period of time, I have cleared issues that would have taken me years of psycho-therapy. I have experienced various types of therapy, but I find this method and this practitioner so effective that it is a kind of miracle how fast things clear.

Sita has a gentle, kind temperament and is very sensitive to my energy. She has worked wiith my deeper issues in a very insightful and supportive manner. Sita follows up to be sure that the changes made are effective and this gives one the feeling that she is one’s very own personal healer. I can not recommend her enough.”

~ Ruth Angela – Writer, College English Instructor

“Thank you so much, Sita for your care, integrity and skill.”

“Sita’s creates a neutral yet loving and compassionate environment in which to receive healing. I can feel and see benefits after every session, which is the bottom line for me. The SAEM sessions have removed the toxins and trauma left over from a year of cancer treatment and multiple surgeries. My body and energy are transformed and improved. SAEM has also helped me to heal aspects of my relationship with my mother which is a relief and a blessing. This modality is definitely one to invest in, and Sita’s soft and competent “touch,” (I receive long distance work from her,) is so nourishing. Thank you so much, Sita for your care, integrity and skill.”

~ Elia, Astrologer & Mystic, Boulder CO.

“The effectiveness of Sita’s work reflects her lifelong commitment to being a healer. She is my go to when I need a nourishing reset.”

~ Tulsi Elizabeth Wallace, Artist and Business Coach, MBA, BLA

“I felt 100% after only 3 treatments.”

“I experienced a major health crisis resulting from hormonal imbalance several years ago. I worked with a naturopathic doctor, tried exercise, meditation, diet improvement and herbal supplements but still I felt “off.” Although I was initially dubious about energy work, Sita’s calm proficiency soon dispelled that, and I could not deny the results. I felt 100% after only 3 treatments. Not only was her work effective on my physical complaints, but it settled some emotional and mental distress as well. I tell anyone I know who is struggling about Sita’s work. I cannot recommend Sacred Anatomy highly enough!”

~ Christina Cole, waitress and mother