Phone: 707-293-8212
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Credentials: Level III Practitioner
Comments: Based in Santa Rosa, CA, working remotely by phone or web conference

In Weegi’s own words:

As a child, my whole and sacred self was understood in the woods. I’ve dedicated my whole and sacred self-teaching for 40 years in the swirling energy world of Qigong-TaiChi. Teaching this self-care discipline has been useful to hundreds, yet I’ve known is not enough to live life full on.

As a healer, a Practitioner of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, I can assist people to break thru painful limitations and choose a path of higher ground. As a SAEM Practitioner, I hold the physical and energetic as one intelligent consciousness that can be accessed. Our process with clients is participatory. Together we can release or lighten current difficulties and establish a higher level of life function and life purpose.

You are welcome to a complimentary ten-minute exploratory chat to experience how we might work together, either by phone or at my office in Santa Rosa.

Client Testimonials

“…Weegi released my trauma and pain DAILY and filled me with healthy light…”

“Going through intensive chemotherapy for leukemia look a big toll on body and soul. This 2nd round of treatment was less awful because Weegi released my trauma and pain DAILY and filled me with healthy light keeping my energy up. She is a light in the dark”

~ Susanna Bersbach, Life Coach