Primal Extragenesis describes the inspiration that arose as intentional focus in the Source; the moment before the spark of creation burst into flame. Extragenesis is the result of the primal friction of inspiration and idea. Inspiration as breath and idea as in “I AM.”  Tapping into the moment of self-awakening within every second that is gives us an introduction to the primary identity of the conscious universe.

The first three stanzas of Genesis are:
“In the beginning God created the heaven and earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said let there be light; and there was light …”

From this statement arises the suggestion that there was something, an impulse, or a shift.  In the language of this ancient text, “…God created the heaven and earth”. There was an emerging out of the void before the beginning. Does this not suggest that pure spirit, or inspiration preceded creation?  Might the instant before creation be identified as thought and as such become in itself a vital event, an Extragenesis?

The action of focused thought preceding a formed idea within the Source or void, as it moves toward action is Extragenesis.  Producing a result and ultimately bringing forth into manifest reality because it must.

Out of the universal void Source realized itself.  A reaction of aliveness burst forth in a convulsion simply expressing, with no agenda, no beliefs, no need to do anything exceptto be. Maybe this is what science has named the Big Bang? So it seems the theoretical concept of Extragenesis is suspended on a tripod at the center of quantum physics, consciousness philosophy and religious mystery. It is the ageless and timeless search for a unified theory of all that is which suggests the possibility that self-realization at a cosmic level could be the original aha moment.  Was this primordial awakening the first enlightenment?

The thinking that this has only happened once, that there are no further Big Bangs, is challenged by the idea of Extragenesis as energetic shift, moving through the territory of astronomy and physics into the world of contemporary thought. The premise is that Extragenesis not only happened at the moment of primal creation, but that it happens every moment as ideas transmute into manifest physical reality.  This suggests that little bangs might happen all the time.  Is it possible that when the universal All conceives any inspiration it is the continuing and constant Extragenesis of self realization that fuels the journey  of that inspiration through space and time into manifest reality?

The idea of the lily exists in the mind of creation as an extragenic pattern of thought; much like physical DNA exists as the possibility of the plant in the bulb before it manifests as a particular genus of lily bursting into flower in the garden.  Primal lily Extragenesis happened at the moment the earliest ancestor of the lily bulb came into being, preceding the development of the first grandmother lily.  Extragenesis happens each time the inspiration for a new lily arises from the soup of creation, which is all life. There is no real distinction between a primal or original Extragenesis and the Extragenesis of now. The charge must exist before the thing moves from nothing to something physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

Extragenesis is the same thing that happens when you or I think, or are filled with an internal vision of a desire, a dream, or an inspiration to creative impulse.  This shift does not immediately produce a physical manifestation.  Every invention, every human design, exists because of the persistent action of Extragenesis.  The inspiration arises before the idea.  There is a shift of awareness from nothing to something, the conception out of which inspired possibility is born.  Idea arises, and then becomes concept, concept becomes design, design becomes plan, a plan is implemented, corrections are made and the result is realized.

At any point in the process, that which is becoming can fall totally apart and return to the state of pure energy or Source; if that is the case, no time is wasted, nature has no failures, dead ends maybe; but the remnants of what has gone before remain as asphalt on the broad highway of the future. The concept of evolution demonstrates that all attempts to make a result happen are stored as part of the experience of expressing within the seeds of creation.  We see this over and over again in all of nature.

Recently, biological anthropologists decided to find what had happened to the ancient people, the Phoenicians.  Following the trade routes in the Mediterranean that were already known, the researchers determined the Phoenicians might have ended up in modern day Lebanon.  Using the amazing technology of DNA testing and analysis they tested Lebanese men and found a match in some to DNA found in the bones of these long dead mariners.  The memory of an ancient people is still being used to influence the appearance and other genetic traits of the modern inhabitants of Lebanon thousands of years later, a stored memory of past inspiration and success.

Source remains the seed within… and it is the action of conscious engagement with focused intention that allows us to interface with the all-expressing whole as partners. In fact could partnership have become an imperative?  Clearly, we are part of the on-going expression of all things.  Maybe we humans are an infantile part of cosmic life that has at last become capable of making a conscious choice to partner with all creation? If that is so, then are we not also bound to make conscious extragenically charged events happen though our focused intention? That certainly screams I Am. Does it not? Maybe we are ultimately Mother Nature’s microcosmic handymen implementing our own plan? At every level if we are driven by the organic need to simply express, just like the macrocosmic Source; do we not then also have the responsibility to own our awesome power?

It seems partnership demands this conscientiousness. The next step for our species may ultimately be not more or bigger, better or faster but instead, the imperative of a conscious and compassionate spiritual maturity. Rising up out of the muck to our full height and allowing existence itself to be served by our very extragenic natures. The stuff of life at our fingertips whether we are ready or not, we must grasp our future even before it unfolds around us.