For centuries, human beings have endeavored to heal one another of illness and distress through the use of faith, prayer, and forms of universal internal power like Chi and Prana.  Healing using the transference of a kind of spiritual stamina or purity has inspired us for generations, given us hope for a miracle when we fall seriously ill or experience desperate circumstances.  As a result, this kind of healing was shrouded in mystery, the province of the religious or pious few, especially blessed people who could magically intercede with the spirits, the ancestors or the stars.

Twentieth century psychics and spiritualists, influenced by the discoveries of different sources of power and the development of the science of Physics, began to call this stuff energy. This has increasingly become a term of common usage.  Now people say they:work with energy.  They call themselves energetic healers and there is even a developing field of energy medicine, which conjures up images of technicians in white coats aerobically leaping about while performing complex medical procedures.

I believe it is shortsighted and even disrespectful, to refer to an exchange between two people and the vast universe as simply unqualified energy.

In quantum physics there are four kinds of energies: Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetic, and Gravitational.  Each one of these different energies is specific and behaves in specific ways.  All of the energies we use in our everyday lives are made up of one of these kinds of energy.  The English language uses descriptive terms like solar, nuclear and electrical to define styles of energy and Webster’s common usage of the word energy is: “the work that a physical system is capable of doing in changing from its actual state to a specified reference state.”

The term Extragenesis offers, among other things, a description of the type of energy with which we are engaged.  It is charged, intelligent, transforming energy.  It is extragenic energy…energy that has been inspired and shifted from one state to another and now is thick with potential.

The primary meaning of Extragenesis is:  before or above the beginning. Human beings can access energy through Extragenesis and inspire transformative interaction by applying focused intention.  In observation, extragenic energy clearly reacts to physical stimulation in the form of directed light, sound or frequency, pressure, scent, and the witnessing presence.

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a vibrational healing modality, which uses intentional focus and the principle of Extragenesis to direct interactive light. This is not light, as we know it. But may possibly be an inter-dimensional or alternative reality light. This, other-sight light is called this because it is seen by some with clairvoyant sight and not by all people. In spite of being invisible to some this different light is used by all even though only some are aware of doing so.  SAEM is the practice of working with Extragenesis and the resulting and continually charged energy in a conscious way. This energy is visible or able to be perceived by sensitives.

In the 1960’s the new science of parapsychology called this psi energy and sought to prove it existed. These studies were primarily based in concepts of psychology and traditional physics and a real attempt was made to understand how those rare people who saw, felt, heard, smelled, sensed and intuited this energy used it. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is the result of one woman’s personal exploration of how to be with what she saw, sensed and intuited. Mapping the energetic of the human Structure produced an anatomy of light. The modality of SAEM is based on this anatomy as well as Extragenesis.

What in our bones as ancient esoteric knowledge is only hinted at in most traditions, approached from a fresh and contemporary point of view, brings us surprisingly down to Earth.  Extragenic energy is the spark of life.  Exploring our partnership with it will lead humanity, as a still evolving species, to claim a more conscious place in the natural unfolding of creation.