Dear Friends,

Who can ever forget the images of the twin towers? They are seared into the collective unconscious of our country and our world. They continue to affect and to define our culture. Even if you weren’t in New York on 9/11 or didn’t know someone personally who died, you were shaken by an event that you will never forget. We all remember where we were and what we felt. Even if you don’t consciously “feel” or “think” you were affected by the dramatic events of the day, your subtle structure remembers the shock of it and the pain of the absolute destruction of a kind of American innocence.

Now, we find ourselves in the thick of a monster hurricane season with water and wind bringing Texas, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and the entire Carribean so much damage.  The compassion in our hearts knows no limit or boundaries as we “feel” for our neighbors across the country and “worry” about the destruction from Houston to Sarasota. When I include the 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Mexico a few days ago and the millions (yes millions!) made homeless by flooding in Bangladesh, it is all too surreal. Many of us have been glued to CNN watching in horror.

So, on 9/11 why not let go of the horror, the contraction, and the fear of not only the cultural trauma of 9/11 but also of this unparalleled storm season? Why not commemorate the day by letting go of the shock your physical body and subtle anatomy have been holding for 16 years? Even if you’ve only been holding onto these profound traumatic images and thoughts from when you realized our country had been attacked subconsciously, you still were a witness. As you took it into your personal history, you held distress and upset within yourself.Letting go of trauma does not mean letting go of the memories you may cherish, the people that you love. It means letting go of useless repressed holding. Try Releasing Cultural Trauma and feel the spaciousness return to your sacred anatomy.

Releasing Cultural Trauma

To let it go once and for all:

Set up your healing environment: turn off cell phones and find a place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Visualize a big debris box about 30 feet away from you.

1) Visualize the towers and remember what you felt and thought in the moment you first saw them that day-

2) Bring your memory consciously into focus-

3) Feel in your body where the memories are lodged-

4) As you pull your memory up into a clear and present feeling-

5) Experience it and name the emotions contained within it

6) Reach into yourself and with a big breath for each one, pull your related emotions out and into the debris box you built earlier

7) When you are finished, condense the debris box into a small box

8)  Lift it up throw it into the sun.

9) Take a deep breath and fill up all the holes where the emotions were released with Universal Love and Light, the Divine pure soothing energy that heals the Universe

10) Say out loud the following statements:


I accept the possibility I have released my part of the cultural trauma of 9/11


I accept the possibility I am free of this cultural trauma


I accept the possibility I am whole and healthy

Thinking of you,