The authentic self is born at the beginning of individuation. It is constant as it arises out of the blueprint of the core sheath. Stirring restlessly from the seeds of potential, four collaborating aspects emerge into being.

Human beings do not form without an authentic self; no matter how unenlightened, how besotted with evil, or removed from the contemplative nature they are, this species has pure selfhood at the center. Elemental energies rubbing together like sticks within the structure draw forth extragenesis from primordial chaos, not tangible material.  It is pure possibility that ignites the beginning.

In a dynamic in-breath of universe-cracking clarity, there comes awareness.  With it, your authentic self, urged on by the drive to express, takes shape: at first subtle, then congealed into gross matter.  A song bursting out of the void into form, a symphony of individuated self-ness, soaring harmoniously.

And so it is… We humans reside forever at the intersection of time and space; turns out to be a pretty good neighborhood after all.