In the vast array of healing theories of engaging in subtle energies, and ancient and modern philosophies of how we function, the way to work is consistently overlooked. It is almost as if it has not occurred to people that the healing practitioner needs not just to know what to do, with lots of information on specific techniques, but how to practice from a point of view that allows distance and space.

Most schools of healing thought from allopathic to Ayurvedic include abundant guidance on ethical behavior, rules of conduct, and techniques to help us keep professional distance. Currently, in most countries there are laws and governing boards for standards of practice that dictate the accepted behavior for anyone who works in the healing arts. In modern psychology and medicine the safety of the patient-practitioner relationship is held to be most sacred. This point of view is considered to be the moral, ethical, legal and medically sound place to stand. We actively address the right or wrong of our actions in healing work. We address the good or bad technique, prescriptive, test or treatment, and the morality of our actions. All these are important issues, and in fact, vital. Yet they all come up short because there are many decisions still to be made and choices to be wrestled with which still do not tell us the way to work to establish distance, compassion and safety for all, during any interaction.

The substantial place where all of us have complete equality, safety and compassion is with our awareness at the rim of the entire Human Structure. Using the skin of our subtle anatomy called the Edge leads us to the answer of: how do we find the way to work?

Placing and holding awareness at the Edge, gives us a Stance in the world and an opportunity to inject into the moral, psychological, and scientific mix, a vantage point that includes the dynamic and vital human spirit in its most objective compassionate state.

This is not a religious system, but a humble offering and an addition to all that is currently understood about what human beings truly are. The Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine technique of placing awareness at the Edge and taking a powerful stand in life brings a new and sorely needed understanding of what wholeness means for all of us.

Based on the anatomy of the Human Structure, which is bigger than the physical body, SAEM incorporates not just the spirit as idea and the soul as concept, but the dynamic function of these important parts of the human experience.

Through understanding that there is a more complete human anatomy and a larger even more vibrant Human Structure, we see ourselves as fundamentally creative beings no longer only observers but full participants of life. We have become co-creators in partnership with Divine nature. Not because of our intellectual and technical advancement alone, but because of the evolution of the understanding of the anatomy of the Human Structure, which is everything we are. Spirit and technology meet in this place and share a new frontier of human potential.