Introducing the Spiritual Layer, and it’s six strata – realms of magic and mystery we sense more often than see, which we were taught to disbelieve, but which still capture our imaginations

Below, a brief introduction to the series, and the first strata, Guides and Guardians

Introduction to the Spiritual Layer of you Human Energy Structure


Guides & Guardians – Your Unseen Helpers

An explanation of the essential energies and functions of elements

The second strata of the Spiritual layer.

What are the elementals?

In this video Desda describes the second strata of the Spiritual Layer, home of the seven elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Space, Metal & Wood.  You will learn their properties, how they manifest, and how they can be worked with.

A discussion of the realm of the fairies – the third strata of the Spiritual Layer

You can find this video and more on the Your Sacred Anatomy Channel.

 Fairies:  What they do and how to approach them 

An exploration into the realm of Intuition and Angels

The fourth & fifth strata of the Spiritual layer. What is Angelic energy? What does it mean that our intuition is part of our anatomy?

The Seat of your Divine Intuition

Angels:  What they look like and how to call them